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    Installing Printomatic 1.8 (Mac) on Director 11.5 for Windows


      I need to upgrade an existing Windows/Mac projector to 11.5. The projector uses Printomatic for printing and I'm developing on Windows. I downloaded the 1.8 beta release from the Printomatic site for both Windows and Mac.


      I've got the Windows xtra installed and it appears to be working with no problem so far. Now I need to install the Mac xtra. Looking at other discussions, it sounds like others have been able to install the Printomatic 1.8 beta 5 release successfully. I hope one of you can help me because I haven't been able to find any instructions for installing the Mac xtra.


      I've copied the PMatic_180b5_Mac folder to my ...\Adobe Director 11\Configuration\Cross Platform Resources\Macintosh\Xtras folder. When I try to build the projector, I'm getting a "Can't find the Xtra file 'PrintoMatic MX'" message . I checked the list of xtras in the Modify->Movie->Xtras options and the Printomatic MX xtra is the only "Printomatic" xtra I've got.


      I've also tried copying the PrintOMatic MX.xtra folder to the ...\Adobe Director 11\Configuration\Cross Platform Resources\Macintosh\Xtras folder but that's not working for me either.


      Here's the contents of my xtrainfo.txt file:

      [#namePPC:"PrintOMatic MX", #nameW32:"PrintOMatic MX.x32", #package:"http://www.printomatic.com/packages/PMaticMX", #info:"http://www.printomatic.com/products.cfm?page=1"]

      [#namePPC:"PrintOMatic Lite MX", #nameW32:"PrintOMatic Lite MX.x32", #package:"http://www.printomatic.com/packages/PMLiteMX", #info:"http://www.printomatic.com/products.cfm?page=2"]

      [#namePPC:"Table Xtra", #nameW32:"Table.x32", #package:"http://www.printomatic.com/packages/Table", #info:"http://www.printomatic.com/products.cfm?page=3"]


      Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.