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    Using the Click Box




      I've created an e-learning tutorial for some of our employees to learn about codes that we use for billing. I wanted to create an interactive experience, but its not working well.


      First i created my image in PowerPoint (boxes/headings) and inserted them into Captivate and i then places a click box over top of it so once they click the description pops out.



      1. I've selected "infinite", but i am only allowed to click on it once
      2. the word/description caption doesn't stay open long enough for users to read
      3. I don't want it to automatically go to the next slide, I want them to click on the "next" button to proceed, but that isn't working either. I don't know if to choose "continue, next slide, no action" for the On Success action
      4. I noticed at the end of each of the click box on the time line there is a pause.


      I've attached a screen shot - hopefully this will help...


      Captivate Click Box.png



      I am currently using a Trial version, could this be the reason (I'm waiting for my full version in the mail).


      Is there a chance that the "click button" isn't what i should be using? Maybe I should be using the roll over slidelet?


      Finally, I've created branching, I have two sections and I've created 2 quizzes, is there a way to have a summary after each quiz? or is it the only the one i can have?


      Please help because im stuck and not sure how to fix this.