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    PS CS4 Actions - Inserting A Pop Up Dialog Window

    Shan-Dysigns Level 2

      I think I've seen this before in a Photoshop action. During the action (maybe it was at the end), a dialog window appears with copyright information (or something along those lines) of the creator of that action. What I would like is to be able to create an action and have a little pop up window appear (before the actions begins) which would contain some notes (custom notes from me) concerning how this action works. There are many actions in which I make, but only use every other month. These actions usually have several stops in them where I have to adjust dimensions. I would like to be able to create a pop up dialog window (at the beginning of an action) which would contain those types of notes. Otherwise, I have to revert back to hand-written notes in which I've made (that's if I can find those notes).


      Is this even possible?