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    Activation limit


      I just got a message stating that my activation limit has been reached as I have installed my software on more than 2 computers.  I purchased my software back in January of 2011.  I had 2 hard drive crashes, which I notified Adobe about when they happened.  I finally got my hard drive situation squared away and have been using the software trouble free for a year.  Why all of a sudden am I getting a message saying my activation limit has been reached?  I have this software installed on ONE computer, which is my Gateway desktop.  I have not installed it on any other PC.  So why all of a sudden am I getting this error message?  I can't deactivate it on another computer because it isn't INSTALLED on another computer.  This is the ONLY computer it is installed on.  And, of course, I can't CALL anybody because the help desk closes at 7pm PST and the message conveniently waited until AFTER 7pm PST to pop up.  While I was in the middle of working on an image.  Anyone else have any experience with this?  I am so upset right now.  I would think if it was an issue with the subsequent hard drive installations, they would have said something to me A YEAR AGO when I notified them about it while I was in the middle of dealing with my hard drive crashes.  Not a year later.  Is it possible someone got a hold of my serial number somehow and used it to activate a trial version?  And if that is the case, why would Adobe allow it to go through if they knew I already had it installed on a computer?  I mean, Facebook makes me jump through hoops if I try to sign in on a device it doesn't recognize...and Facebook is free.  I pay $200 for software and there are no security measures in place to make sure no one is downloading unauthorized versions of my software?  Do they not notify a customer when someone tries to activate software that has already been activated?  I go to Academy of Art University and they gave me the Adobe Master Collection CS5.5, which I downloaded on my Mac.  It is a completely separate license number, so I can't understand why that would have anything to do with the PC version of Photoshop that I purchased over a year ago.  And even if it does, that would be installation on 2 computers: 1 Mac and 1 PC.  The error is stating my software has been installed on MORE than 2 computers.  I do not understand what is going on, and it's really annoying that I can't call and ask anyone.  Or e-mail someone.  Or chat with someone about it.  I paid $200 for this software and I'm not having it revoked because someone else screwed up.  The only other Adobe Photoshop software I can think of that I have installed is Photoshop Elements 6 that I installed on my old Gateway laptop I can't even tell you how long ago, and that laptop hasn't even been used in about 2 years.  Anyone else have any experience with this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I will not lose my Photoshop I paid $200 for.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I honestly can't read that in detail without paragraph breaks - it's just too daunting.


          For activation issues you need to call Adobe support with the telephone.  While people sometimes grumble complaints about Adobe customer support in general, support for activation issues seems generally quite good.  I know when I restored a backup to a new computer and had to reactivate they fixed me right up.



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Noel said, call support by phone. nothing anyone here can do for you.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              There are both limits on the number of Activations, and also Installs, for each S/N.


              As both Noel and Mylenium point out, Adobe C/S (Customer Support), can reset those Activations, and Installs for you. Just explain why you have reached the limits.


              I have read certain numbers for each Activation, and Installation, but have never encountered those, but it seems that the number of Activations is ABOUT 5x, and I would guess that if that is correct, then the Installations would be about the same - but do not have any published data from Adobe on what the limits really are - just vague references from other users.


              Good luck, and be sure to have your S/N handy, when you make the call, plus any other documentation. If you Registered (Registered, not Activated), much of that info should be in your Adobe Profile (not your Adobe Forum Profile).