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    Video formats, sizes, best to share in pods

    cvaisnoras Level 1

      I'm looking for the following advice.


      1.  Best format to upload video in to use in the "share pods"

      2.  Suggested max file size

      3.  I did upload .SWF files but it doesn't seem like I can control the video once I call it up on the share pod...?

      4.  I did upload .MP4 files. This gave me control but the files are like 50MB and seem to jam everything up.


      Any help and ord suggestions would be appreciated.  I have 3 videos that I need to share - 8 mins, 4 mins, and 2 mins each.  I also plan on recording these meetings as I do them.



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          1. Personally I stick with FLV videos, as they perform well and let me keep control of them in the room.

          2. I try to keep the videos around 640 X 480, but you can usually go a little bigger if needed. Also I try to keep the videos to a streaming rate of 800 kbps or less.

          3. SWF files are not the optimal format, for more reasons than you experienced...

          4. MP4 videos have had the same problem for me. They are just to large and don't perform the way I want.