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    Flex SDK and online emulation coding, your opinion on my project


      Hi to everybody,

      I'm an actionscript developer and I've started a project 2 years ago.


      Since I wanted to test dynamic bitmap generation, I started this path by coding a graphic driver that emulates some old graphic chip used in consoles.

      I could see it can work very well in AS3, so thanks to Flex SDK and FDT I have coded some more complex emulators.


      Llittle by little I've built some classes that emulate some more chips such as SN76489, AY-3-8910, Konami SCC, Namco, TMS9918/TMS9928 and other graphic drivers for arcade emulation.


      There are few project around the web on this subject, some of them such as fMAME are done thanks to Alchemy but, mine is pure AS3 with a lot of otimization, simple code, byte code friendly structures and a lot of caching methods.


      The audio has to be fixed, I still haven't find a good caching way to play the audio generated by emulated sound chips with the streaming feature of flash player. To increase quality and fidelity, I need to rise the buffer, but the delay between a graphic event and its corresponding sound rises too...


      Unfortunately on some old PC and some netbook they are a little slow because they use a lot of CPU and memory. I will be very glad if you can tell me your opinin about this work and eventually your PC configuration you are playing with.


      These are the four consoles/computer I've emulated:


      SEGA SC-3000/SG-1000: http://www.play-sc-3000.com

      SEGA Master System: http://www.digimorf.com/ASms

      MSX 1: http://www.digimorf.com/ASReplay_MSX

      CBS ColecoVision: http://www.digimorf.com/fcv


      And these are some MAME concept based arcade games. To play with these ones you need to use te same control keys of MAME:

      - Click on monitor to focus flash player

      - 5 or 6: Insert Coin

      - 1 or 2: no. of player to start

      - Arrow keys: move

      - X, C: fire buttons 1, 2



      http://www.digimorf.com/FlaME/pacman3D.htm - This uses Away3d for the 3d interactive cabinet, you can rotate and play snce the emulator itself is mapped on the screen object.







      Hope you enjoy them!