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    My Camera profiles dissapeared after re-install..?




                I had a system issue a few weeks back and as a result I ended up replacing my system hardrives and while doing so, upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Pro.


                I spent the following few days reinstalling everything and all seemed well,.. until that is, I realized something that has left me somewhat mistified.  Prior to having to do a complete reinstall of all my software and ect, I had as I always do, Photoshop and everything adobe up to date.  I have found though that for some reason my "Camera Profiles" within Camera Raw have gone from allowing me to choose between Canon, Nikon, ect, as well as which lens was used.  To having nothing more than D2X options as well as presets such as Landscape, Portrait, Sports, ect ect...  Have I missed a setting somewhere..?  Is there a way for me to get this option back..?




      Hoping to have some light shed upon this issue...