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    Local Discs as Chache?


      Hi there,



      In our workflow, all files are stored on a server (which is probably common).


      The question is if After Effects uses the local discs at all to cache the Data from the Server. Or does it only use the RAM?


      And the acutal real question: If my local hard drives are faster, will my data transfer from the  become faster aswell?

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          AE uses cache, but only if you tell it to in teh prefs. Please read the pertinent sections in the help. In most cases it will be faster if stored locally, but if you have a Fibrechannel network or multiple connections to a good Gigabit network for each machine, a server might be faster (if it has a beefy RAID). Depends on teh number of users then, of course, and the resulting network collisions and bidirectional communication overhead. The rest entails a complex answer - generally AE loves RAM and will try to keep as much data in memory and that in itself is rather unpredictable, since it is layer-centric. pre-comps will be kept around, other data in teh parent comp may be dismissed, some data go to the cache. The decisive factor is merely speed - if AE thinks, an effect can be rendered faster in realtime or footage loaded directly, it won't do any disk caching. If effects take long to render and are reused a lot, they go to the disk cache. anyway, impossible to give generalized info, as this varies too much specifically. Only experince ultimately can teach you that.



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            Thanks for the quick, helpful answer!