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    RoboHelp 9-Not All Files Generating for FlashHelp

    chelluvsGod Level 1

      I am generating a FlahHelp layout in RoboHelp 9. I have lines of business for Commercial Insurance in my documentation. One particular line of business (Professional) generates within RoboHelp when I generate the FlashHelp layout and displays correctly, but when I go into C:/RoboHelp FIles and locate the folder for the documentation and go into the !SSL! folder and then into the FlashHelp folder, Professional is not there.


      It does display correctly for all other layouts I generate.  


      This just recently started happening.


      I have another guide with basically the same information in it and also generate a FlashHelp layout. Professional generates correctly on that guide and the files within the !SSL! folder display correctly.


      What would cause this problem?


      Thank you,