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    Help me choose the right black for a background (white text on black BG)!


      Hi all!


      I am polishing an InDesign document for a magazine. The cover will contain a big black surface with white texts on top (alongside a white surface with black texts/graphics on top and there is also a color bar on top of the black surface.)


      I was warned that standard black will not work for the black background and I was advised to produce a 'cyan black' or a '4 colour black' instead.


      The cover of the magazine will most likely be like a book cover: fairly thick white cardboard/paper with a coated job.


      What exact color choice would you recommend knowing that the text color will be 'paper white'.


      I now have this Pantone Black C (from the Pantone solid coated library): would it be good for this job? And what about the other black text and graphic elements on the white surface? Should they be from the same black?


      I was hoping for the most straight forward and saff answere to this question as soon as  possible.