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    Fast and slow speed?

    VladThePainter Level 1

      Hopefully a simple enough question and I feel silly asking it...  But I have a ten second scene... an object moves across the screen...  How can I change the speed of that object flying across the screen?  I animate the position from one end to the other, but it takes that ten seconds for it to move instead of quickly racing across.  I have a sky that moves in the background that moves slowly but I want my object to speed through, but I can't get the object to speed up or slow down as I wish...  Create a comp and loop that?  If so, how do I get it to loop or is there a better, easier suggestion!?  MANY THANKS!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You change the keyframe timing. Hit U with the layer selected, shuffle the revealed keyframes around. and if you don't mind: Read the AE help and watch some basics tutorials.



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            As Mylenium says, you can just move the Position keyframes in time to make the animation happen in more or less time (i.e., slower or faster).


            Regarding his suggestion on going through some basic learning materials, I recommend starting here.

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              VladThePainter Level 1

              I will just use Time warp to slow and speed things up.  Perhaps I didn't phrase my question properly.  I've watched tuts and looked up the answer (which is time warp, at least one of them.)  I don't see how positioning keyframes would work.  Yes... of course moving them would speed and slow things down... but If I have an object as mentioned that needs to go fast in a ten second animation... if I move the key frames at one end... then one at the end of the animation comp... it will obviously go slow to fill that 10 sec comp.  If I adjust the key frames to go faster... I would have to move the far end keyframe closer in, but then it only goes as fast until it reaches that key frame which would be about 3-5 secs...  How do I get it to go faster the entire time.  Time warp I suppose? 

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                Time warp works on FOOTAGE WITH A FRAME RATE.  Video.  Image sequences.  Stuff like that. 


                However, you wrote that you are working with an OBJECT.  A solid.  A shape.  An Illustrator file.  Stuff like that.


                Thus, if your description is accurate, you can't use Time Warp because it won't work.  You need to animate using position keyframes, which is something taught in the first class of After Effects 101. 


                You've already been given the links to good training materials.  I recommend you look at 'em.

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                  dh91 Level 1

                  If you want your animation to be 10 seonds long, and you place your start keyframe at 0, and the end keyframe at 10, then it will take TEN seconds to move from one keyframe position to the next. If you want it to move faster, simply take the keyframe at 10 seconds and move it closer to zero. It really doesn't get easier than that. Just make sure you don't accidently create a 3rd keyframe which could mess with your motion...


                  You should probably rewatch the basic training tutorials.

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                    VladThePainter Level 1

                    Thanks... but unfortunately... it doesn't answer my question.  I have looked at tuts... I have looked at books... I do understand some basics...  I came to the forum to ask help...  What's the difference if I ask a 101 question or an experienced question?   If you only accept questions from experienced users, then perhaps that should be noted.  Sometimes as slow people go, don't know how to word certain things... or can't find the right tut, as 'simple' or as basic as you make it to be... Sometimes coming to a forum, you hope you can get an answer more quickly - that's why we come here...  Nothing against any of your comments as they are truly appreciated...


                    dh91... That is my problem... and perhaps, as everyone else... maybe missing my point... as I'm sure I'm wording everything wrong...


                    I have a bird (the object) that is a PS file.  I have a separate PS file which is the sky as the background which moves slowly (keyframing 'position').  That moves slowly from 1 sec to the 10 sec mark as that's where the 'position' keyframes are set.  No problem.


                    I want the bird to continually zip thru the sky.  If I do as you stated above... Let's say I start the keyframe at 0 and then the end key frame as suggested closer to zero... such as simply 3.  The bird moves to that position and then 'stops' moving from that point on... and of course you say, don't add any other keyframe points. 


                    It's a simple question... Yes 101...  but I guess I haven't figured it out to' keep the bird moving' at that speed and not stop.   


                    I will seek out tuts as suggested above...   Sorry to be one of the stupids...

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                      dh91 Level 1

                      It's not a matter of asking "stupid questions", I'm not overly experienced by any means and if you look a few posts down you will see that I recently posted a question.


                      It's conveying to us exactly what you are trying to do.


                      I may understand better now from your last post what you want to happen. You want the object (the bird) to continuously fly around the screen quickly during the 10 seconds that they sky is slowly moving. Does the bird start from offscreen? If so, you can simply duplicate the bird layer, flip it, reposition, then keyframe it to come onto the screen the moment the first bird layer exists the screen.


                      When I said don't use more than 2 keyframes, I meant for the first motion created by the 2 keyframes, because if you place a third keyframe inbetween them then it is easy to make a mistake and change the value of that keyframe, which will mess up the speed of your object.


                      Maybe a screenshot of what you are trying to do would be helpful, but given your experience level, i'd say the method I mentioned above is the best solution to what I understand you are trying to do.

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                        VladThePainter Level 1

                        I appreciate everyone's help... But I took Motion in class... so AE has been a bit foreign still.  So I figured it out in case anyone else venture's onto this topic.  Simply... use the Graph Editor.  Answer resolved.   Guess that answer was rather 101...

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                          dh91 Level 1

                          Since some of us obviously misunderstood what you were trying to do, maybe you could show how you used the graph editor to solve your problem? Without telling how you did it, that kind of makes the thread useless