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    Colour. Yellow tint instead of white on images when printing.

    soronery Level 1



      I am having a problem with colour when using InDesign.


      Photoshop files that I have brought in to image frames, which I know have definitely got a pure white background, seem to print with a feint yellow tint instead of white when I send it to the printer. It didn't used to happen but it does now, I have no idea why and it's driving me insane.


      The yellow tint covers the area that the image frame is on the page and only affects the white parts of the image. In Photoshop the colour is definitely white, when I produce PDFs, the tint is not there so I presume it musyt be something to do with the colour settings in the print dialogue box, but I don't know what.


      I am using InDesign CS5 on a Mac, OSX 10.6.8, prinintg to a Ricoh MP C4000 with a Postscript 3 RIP. (The Ricoh engineer didn't know why this was happeining either and ruled out an error with the printer).


      If any one knows what I need to press, check, uncheck etc... please help.


      Thank you.