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    Micrphone help. Actionscript newbie

      Hello, I was just wondering if anyone can point me into the right direction. For my fmp, I am trying to create a voice activated animation. I've been trying a few things out and so far I have a workable bit of actionscipt. The problem is I don't know where to go form here, what to google or even search for. I'm trying to find some way of;

      - Finding out the value when spoken. I've seen this done that when someone speaks it gives you a number that is the value of that particular level of the volume spoke, does that make sense?
      - To activate a particular movie clip when that value is reached. (so say when the user's voice hits 70 it starts the animation)
      - To set other movie clips to fade in & out when their selected value is surpassed. So say you talk which is worth 30, when you talk louder to say 40, then the 30 animation would fade out while the 40 animation would fade in.

      Sorry if this really doesn't make much sense, I'm not very good when it comes to explaining what I need. Also if anyone knows any good tutorials for AS, then I would be very grateful. Cheers.