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    snake sheets for baby boys

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      I know this is a bit strange... as usually we announce a new film edited or book written or something like that...and want responses and critique.


      But I was stuck with a burnt out graphics card and can't replace it until later on...so I got into designing fabrics... and came up with this cool bed sheet...for boy babies.


      snake sheets.jpg

      its available if you send money and wait about 6-8 weeks for delivery... ( cause I have to find someone in southeast asia to make the thing one at a time )



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          Now, what is your current video card (the burned out one), and what is its connection type?



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            Now, are you planning one for "little girls," say with bows on the snakes' heads?


            Just curious,



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              due to various species of snakes around the world, this design is very flexible... in other words, lets say your favorite bulldog barks at a snake in the Southwest of North America... please take a picture of that snake !.. and we can design a snake sheet that reflects the specific species sniffing around your neighborhood.


              Snakes are friendly as a rule and shouldn't be ' demonized '... like, despite the addage of the adder and the cat and weasel and the even Biblical references to snakes that are less than flattering... most snakes are pretty cool little critters.


              Soooo, take the first step and get in touch with me, and we will have a conversation !  I can guarantee your total satisfaction for snake sheets for your particular geographic location !


              yours truly, " snakes R Us Fabrics  "

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                Now, are you planning one for "little girls," say with bows on the snakes' heads?




                snakes and stuff is boy stuff....


                I think there's spices and other things for girls... haven't done that research yet...


                Probably explains why I am currently " single " ... good point.. will look into it...



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                  Now, what is your current video card (the burned out one), and what is its connection type?


                  havent got time right now to deal with graphics card prob...it defaulted ( luckily ) to the onboard vga when it got burnt. ( the mobo, bios )


                  i got evga 8800gt pci .... which is burnt.


                  I have too many things piled on computer and scanners and stuff to even BEGIN to tear this stuff apart to get it off the ground ( out from under table ).

                  I did pull it out by crawling on belly and taking off side panel , pull card, boot, replace card, etc.. no joy.


                  But I have too many other problems in life now to deal with this .. I got xp with pci e slot for that card... no big deal.. as long as computer survives for another 3 months for email and internet I can move and get on with life... dont care about graphics right now.


                  It is getting wanky though.. .. might be overheating somehow ?? cause even vga onboard didnt work yesterday for a while.. had to wait an hour, try boot again.. and it worked... I might be out of touch with everyone very soon.

                  But that's happening anyway, due to life problems... so computer is not on the front burner.


                  snakes are on the front burner !

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                    Probably correct there. Unicorns, My Little Pony, etc. Those bases are already covered.


                    Appreciation for snakes is probably highly regional too. I grew up with them everywhere, down in the Deep South. My cousin, who lived in urban Indianapolis did not, though he was a hunter - just stayed away from snakes. He came down to visit, when we were both about 12. My mother told him where to find me (down by the creek in the woods), and when he came up, I had several snakes that we had caught. I held up a beautiful puff-adder, and he thought I was the craziest person, he'd ever met. For my 50th, my wife suggested "gag gifts," but ones that had meaning, relative to their time with me. He presented me with a realistic timber rattler, that I still have. Now, I was NOT handling a timber rattler, or any other of the various poisionus snakes around (MS and LA have at least one representative of each posionous snake family). I will admit that the puff-adder, with its hood flaring out, did look a bit like a cobra, so maybe he just did not understand?


                    Hey, for "goth" boys, maybe you could do black mambas on a field of white - very mono-chromatic? Maybe with a few piercings too?



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                      hmmm.. dont know about goth stuff....


                      i think mary minieka has that stuff covered with her barbed wire and stuff....




                      see " notes" written by mike moynihan ( grandson of senator )




                      my thoughts are more along the lines of going back to cowboys and bucking broncos and maybe army men ( like those lead soldiers we used to play with ? )... stuff like that... or maybe cactus plants ....you know... " normal " stuff...

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                        I don't know. I think that "goth snakes" might be a hit. Now, the eye shadow, the tattoos and even the black clothes might not make it, as the black mamba is, well black. Still, with pierced lips, and funky hair, who knows?


                        Let this be your inspiration:


                        Think of the potential.



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                          yuck... no thanks... my inspiration will continue to be the old school of just ordinary death and destruction etc

                          ( army toys and soldiers and snakes and cactus and dinosaurs etc. )

                          hopefully with some heroism involved and the establishment of a 'buddy system' ( kid says, " cover me, Joe ! " as his little army man rushes up the incline of the sheet over his knee in bed ).


                          last time I saw someone with a bunch of piercings on face I said , " Oh Gosh.. I'm so sorry you fell head first into a fishing tackle box... can I direct you to the nearest doctor ?? "



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                            picture from some news article about " Luck" which got cancelled due to horses dying .




                            things are different in CA.  In NY, the NYRA and racetrack officials etc.. wont allow ANYONE to be on the track at all....and in fact have to be at least 10 feet AWAY from the fence....  So you need to use long lenses and have multiple cameras around track or down stretch etc.. to get shots like this...


                            This photo shows a couple things that most people probably don't realize. For one thing it freaks out the horses to see some nut on the track and sometimes causes them to do very strange and dangerous things... like jump sideways into other horses, or run over person, and in general cause mayhem.


                            Then there's the danger to the person on the track ( notice there is no stunt coordinator nearby to pull that guy out of the way in an emergency...nor a rope tied to him to pull him away ( both those things would actually make the situation " worse"... another person there, or a rope across the track )


                            Notice this is not a steadicam, but a dslr...so the operator is able to run like the dickens ( without weight of steadicam ) if need be...


                            nothing is safe about this shot... and you couldnt do it in NY... I know, I've been there.