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    Flash Builder 4.6 compile "Map Failed" error




          First,Adobe have no place for  bug report . Yes,you will say  http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa ,but ,i have no account,  also doesn't know how to register one.



      OK ,Today..i will compile an mobile project have  1.5G+  pictures and swfs ..


      i met a "Map failed" error when i make a IOS Package..


      The .log  file content is :


      !ENTRY com.adobe.flexbuilder.project 4 43 2012-03-15 02:08:09.404

      !MESSAGE Map failed

      !STACK 0


                at com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.internal.FlexProjectCore.createErrorStatus(FlexProjectCore. java:1019)

                at com.adobe.flexbuilder.util.logging.GlobalLogImpl.log(GlobalLogImpl.java:66)

                at com.adobe.flexbuilder.util.logging.GlobalLog.log(GlobalLog.java:52)

                at com.adobe.flexide.multiplatform.ios.packaging.IPAPackager.create(IPAPackager.java:276)

                at com.adobe.flexide.multiplatform.ios.exportrelease.IOSExportReleaseHandler.doPackage(IOSEx portReleaseHandler.java:264)

                at com.adobe.flashbuilder.project.multiplatform.ui.exportrelease.MultiPlatformExportReleaseV ersionManager.doExport(MultiPlatformExportReleaseVersionManager.java:198)

                at com.adobe.flexbuilder.exportimport.releaseversion.ui.ExportReleaseVersionWizard$1.run(Exp ortReleaseVersionWizard.java:208)



      my hardware:

      G41 MotherBoard +  8G RAM + E7200CPU


      My software:

      windows 2008 r2 with sp1 (64bit)+ FlashBuilder 4.6           default config ,very clean system, just install today.



      And , i transfer my project to a Windows XP host ...Oh, My god .....it  works , the  IOS package produced normally.


      SO......so.......i cann;t say any word now .....is  adobe hate windows 7 (32bit,i tested ,same problem )  and Windows 2008??