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    #1069 Error - Need some help.

    ksukat Level 1


      I created my service on my server (separate machine).  I have the value pair file on my server.

      Created my app and connected to my service.  No problem.  Data is returned from server

      and displayed in my flex application.


      Modified my service on the server adding an additional field from table.  Modified the value pair file on the server to

      pair new table field.


      Flex has the correct service file and value pair file.   All four files have the correct fields in them.


      When I launch and run my application, it gives:

      ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property parity not found on valueObjects.TestVO and there is no default value.

          at Mytest/AInext_clickHandler()[C:\Projects\Mytest_FLEX\src\Mytest.mxml:46]

          at Mytest/__AInext_click()[C:\Projects\Mytest_FLEX\src\Mytest.mxml:151]


      Looks like flex hasn't picked up the change in the the service/value pair.   Looked at the

      _TestVOEntityMetadata.as file and it doesn't have the new field listed.


      How do you force Flex to rebuild ?