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    Jagged Lines on HD to SD burnt DVD




      I am having a problem related to my old post regarding not being able to export 720p60 footage out to MPEG 2 format.  I have the source footage match the sequence footage.


      I read the forums on the best practices to burn an HD video to a DVD....I used the MPEG 2 preset, adjusted bit rate etc and chose the 29.94 frame rate.....I have a really nice m2v file with associated audio.


      However when I import that into encore and burn to DVD....some vertical line on the basketball court are jagged....I believe I read somewhere that this type of problem can be due to frame rate problems.


      Is this due to my using 720 60 footage and trying to put it to a DVD that uses 30????


      Is there a way to sharpen up some of these vertical lines.




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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          1. If you don't have hardware MPE in use for your project, make sure "use maximum render quality" is checked for export.
          2. Make sure En isn't re-transcoding the M2V file from Pr.



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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            You may be seeing field reversal.  However, this would likely result in "jagged" or offset horizontal lines, not verticals.


            Your source is 59.94 or 60p.  NTSC DVDs are 29.97i.  If your encodes are interpolating the frames into interlaced fields in the order of 214365, etc., instead of 123456, that would give you reversed fields on the DVD.  I'd check to make sure your 60p master is not being interpreted as having fields in your encoding app.


            Jeff's points are good ones, too.  You could be double encoding or unwittingly reducing your resolution.


            Who is on the right track here depends on our interpretation of your word "jagged."  Could you post a screen shot?