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    How to handle image files used in PDF forms

    sbudlong Level 1

      With LiveCycle, I've created an interactive form for Help Desk-type requests, and the form works beautifully. I've tested it, and everything works. Show. Hide, Clear fields. And all the other behaviors I added with Action Builder.


      As a final design feature, on my local machine at work, I added a header image (which is in My Documents>My Pictures). I tested locally and uploaded the form to Sharepoint and tested from there, and from what I can remember, the form looked fine. The header was intact. So I kind of assumed the image was embedded somehow.


      So I brought the file home and opened it there, and -- Voila! -- no header image!


      What happened?


      Does the image file need to be uploaded and the path relative to the location of the file? To me, this doesn't seem to be a huge problem. More of an unexpected one. I can probably upload the image to someplace in Sharepoint and then set the image path in the XML.



      But I'd like to hear the experiences of those who have used image files in their LiveCycle forms.


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