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    Flash dinosaur...Hybrid CD for both mac & pc still possible?


      Hi, I used to be good...it was even my specialty in its early years, but the world has moved on. I just got a gig doing a flash presentation for a CD, which has never been an issue in the past.


      I knew the flash world had changed, but I didn't realize how much. I just did a kick-A presentation 5 years ago ... isn't it possible anymore to do a auto-run CD presentation that shows up on both mac and pc?


      I have the following questions (BTW-I'm on a PC and have Flash CS 5.5.):


      1. Is it still possible to do a self-launching flash projector for both mac and pc environments from the same CD (Hybrid) ... and if so, can someone point me to a current tutorial.
      2. is it true that self-launch is an issue no matter what i do for mac OS X?
      3. If the above is possible, is it true that I would need to use a mac to create the .app file?
      4. What is the best program to turn the files into an image file (so they do not see sub-folders when viewing from the opposite machine - meaning if both .app and .exe are on cd and it does not self-extract, the mac user will not see the exe as a bunch of folders, but as an icon (and vice-versa)). I see "macimage" does this but it seems like a dinosaur me.
      5. What is the most current industry standard program for creating interactive presentations (not slideshows) that can be created on a pc, turned into a self-launching cd-rom, and viewed from both pc and mac environments?



      Thanks for any help you can provide,


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          marsinafrica Level 1

          Hello, I am hoping someone can help with my question. I see many views but no replies. Please, if anyone has any advice for me, it would be much appreciated.



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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            When I make dual purpose CDs I just export a projector for Windows (exe) and Mac (app) and put both executables in the root. On both OSs it's up to how the user on how the CD is handled. You're asked what your default preferences are the first time you insert a CD or are configurable from your systems control panel/preferences. You can't guaranteeably open your app on either system. OS X doesn't even support autorunning an app at all though (System 9 and below do, if the AutoStart preference is enabled). But nobody is probably targeting that OS..


            In my projects I use the same assets from either projector so I just have one folder anyhow. I don't hide the folder and both projectors can use the same folder for assets. If someone really wants the files in your image there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop someone. There are ripper for everything out there, so why bother?


            So in order:


            1) Yes but you can simply google for it. autorun.inf on Windows specifies an icon and file to auto-open. This link explains most of what you need to know, not the syntax though.

            2) Yes, can't do it.. User must click on the mounted CD to open it

            3) No, apps and exes can be made from within flash's publish settings on either platform

            4) Not worthwhile because there's nothing you can do to hide something from someone who really wants it.

            5) Probably powerpoint or variants. Flash can be used too but it's a little more complex and can create much more sophisticated presentations. If all you need is just a "turn the slide" type presentation with basic interaction and animations you don't need it. I myself always use Flash.

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              marsinafrica Level 1

              Thank you for replying Sinious:)


              I'm afraid that I am on a PC, not a Mac. I believe the link you sent was only for Mac users.


              The problem I'm experiencing is that when I take a flash file, with or without externally dependant files, and I choose the settings to create both a .exe and .app when publishing - I see a nice, neat icon for the .exe, but the .app shows up as a folder and there are many sub-folders/files within it.


              If it would just produce a small icon for the mac, I would be happy. I can always name the files "mac user click me" and "pc user click me" and do some autorun code that works for most pc users and perhaps some mac users. I just cannot distribute a file with so many sub-folders. I am not concerned about security or anything like that. I am ok with the file not autorunning on all platforms, although I'd prefer if it did.


              Perhaps it shows both icons when publishing from Mac, but unfortunately, I cannot borrow a Mac for this because I will be adapting this piece many times and re-burning many times so that solution would be impractical.


              I am ready to abandon the idea of using Flash for this. I have done extensive searches for hybrid cd (do they use that terminoligy anymore?) I have looked all over forums for flash presentations and there are hardly any posts. I am becoming scared that I made a mistake offering a flash presentation. Powerpoint just doesn't cut it and all of the presentation software I see is about slide shows. I need a 1-2 level navigation and interactivity.


              If i could just figure out how to turn the folders & subfolders into an icon and know that it would show up on just about any Mac and PC I would be happy.


              I downloaded Nero because I read somewhere that it would create icons for folders and can burn hybrid cd's but I see almost no explanation on how to use Nero online. Hybrid is a word that hardly appears in search engines.


              The Ultimate Question:

              - What PC program is the industry standard for burning CD's that play on both Mac and PC platforms

              - What PC program can I use to take a bunch of folders>subfolders>files and turn them into an icon.


              Anybody? I am getting closer to deadline with no solution