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    Bulk Copy issue


      I am trying to copy parent node in CRX using workspace.copy , parent node has around 1L child nodes...


      Below is the error message....


      14.03.2012 09:14:19 *ERROR* TarPersistenceManager: Failed to read bundle: 22cab9bb-3dad-40ae-aa53-cd8e66eba562: java.io.IOException: File not found: 47 (TarPersistenceManager.java, line 1194)

      java.io.IOException: File not found: 47

              at com.day.crx.persistence.tar.TarSet.getInputStream(TarSet.java:731)

              at com.day.crx.persistence.tar.TarSet.getInputStream(TarSet.java:724)


      Can somebody please help me...




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          nicolas peltier Adobe Employee

          How many is 1L?

          Why are you using workspace copy? (c.f. rule 3 of http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/DavidsModel)

          What are you trying to achieve?


          your tar indexes seem corrupted. Stop your server, back everything up, remove index*.tar, start the server again (but you should first answer the questions below in order to see if you're on the good way).

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            kiranddd Level 1

            We had a application developed on top of our CQ instance, in which we need to maitain the data as per our product release cycle, For every release branch(svn branching) of our product we create a seperate branch in our application, branch is a copy of the complete parent node.....




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              nicolas peltier Adobe Employee

              Mmm, i guess that if you're using CQ, your application is more or less related to WCM :-), so you have  content and scripts?

              Is this the whole content (business content + rendering scripts) you want to branch?

              Do you want to use your several branches through CQ, or just the last one?


              The next question i risk to ask you from your answers (no suspense then) is : couldn't you have each branch in separate nodes of the same workspace? (which makes sense if you don't use update/merge apis)

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                kiranddd Level 1

                The whole content is just a mix of sling:folder and nt:unstructured nodes.

                there will be only one active branch at any time...but i want to maintain the data.

                yes i can have the branch in same workspace..