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    Hero2 export settings

    Mr CSM101

      This is about Gopro Hero2 and Premiere Elements 10 (PE10)

      I've done the (brilliant) solution by Bill Hunt (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/668369) and made sure i'm starting my PE10 session with a "R4" / 1280 x 960 format.


      My hope is to not recode the original MP4 files that Hero2 creates. Thus keeping as much quality as possible, and at the same time cut drasticly down on render-time.

      I'm using SUPER and PE10 to try and find out all the settings, and getting them to match. I feel I'm reasonably close, but render-time tells me I'm stll a bit of.


      Now: can somebody tell me if there's anything else I should do?


      Original Hero2 file info on the left, PE10 export settings on the right.

      Hero2 original info.jpg    Hero2 export settings.jpg

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Because these files are not going to be able to edited natively in the program, it's impossible not to have Premiere Elements re-encode your video. (And, since you're already converting the file from its original format, it's already been re-encoded once anyway.)


          So a good match like this is as good as you can hope for.

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            Mr CSM101 Level 1

            I'm not sure of your answer here, but then again I'm pretty new to this program.

            Let's see if this changes your answer (or my undederstanding of it): I have'nt converted the file 'away' from it's orgiginal format. Hero2 makes .MP4 files, and they are added to PE10 untouched.

            When I use the export-settings showed above it makes MP4 files of the edited video.

            I only use SUPER to show the fileinfo -not to alter the original in any way.


            I've ran the output through SUPER's fileinfo, and it's almost identical (but not 100%, hence the need for micro-adjustment)


            Does this change anything?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              What project settings are you using in Premiere Elements to edit these files?


              You won't get good output if your project isn't set up correctly for your source video.

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                Mr CSM101 Level 1

                Now I've put all the settings together in one image.

                On the left you have the original file info, then the "new project" settings, then the export settings, and then fileinfo on the product.


                As you can see, the first and last are almost identical... but probably not where it counts....(?)


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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  That looks like a pretty good workflow.


                  How are your results?

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                    Mr CSM101 Level 1

                    The results are'nt that bad (quality-wise), but I'm really interesteded in those last details. If PE10 could create an output in exact the same format as the input, render-time would be neglieable!

                    Now 8 minutes of movie takes aproximatly 30 mins to render (and I got a pretty good computer)


                    Do you see any changes that I can make in PE10 that will achieve this?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Actually, no. It would not effect the render time, since the program would not be editing the original files natively -- so it can't "smart render".


                      The program will digest your original footage, turn it into something it can work with, then re-compress it to your output specs. So there's no way around re-compressing with this source footage, even if the output specs were identical to the input.


                      (This is, of course, not true with footage it does edit natively. Video from miniDV camcorders can flow right through the program virtually unchanged, with no re-rendering, if you set up your project for DV and then output it as DV.)

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Depending on how the output files will be delivered/used, this ARTICLE might be useful for getting the highest quality.


                        Good luck, and hope that helps,



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                          Mr CSM101 Level 1

                          Could you say anything about what would be preferabel regarding quality with these alternatives:


                          1) Convert original gopro .MP4 files with SUPER to a DV-format, then edit in PE10 and export to DV file (hope this makes any sense!)

                          2) Import original gopro .MP4 files, use PE10 and export to .MP4 file with project settings as as described above

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            If you are able to Import and edit the MP4's fine, with the correct Project Preset, that would be better than converting in most cases.


                            As you have haeavily compressed footage, using the H.264 CODEC already, if you output to a heavily compressed CODEC again, you will loose quality. That was why I recommend looking into the Lagarith, or UT Lossless CODEC. With either installed, you would just Exprot/Share to MS AVI (not DV AVI), and then in Advanced, choose the Lagarith, or UT Lossless from the Compression drop-down.


                            Good luck,