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    Documentum versus Robohelp




      I really need an urgent help! I am creating an online help for a huge application and am using Robohelp for that. Now, a question has arised about why I am not using Documentum for creating online help. From what I could gather, Documentum is a content management system and I am doubtful whether it can help me to make such a big online help with ease. I have to give justification as to why I prefer robohelp. Following are some of the questions for which I need answers:


      1. Can somebody explain the difference between Robohelp and Documentum?

      2. What is the advantage of Robohelp over Documentum as far as authoring online help goes?

      3. Which application should I use to create online help?

      4. What is documentum used for (in simple english please!)?


      I would really appreciate if I can get a detailed answer as soon as possible. The tools team is breathing down my neck!! :-(


      Thanks and regards,

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          Hi SreeG.


          You are pretty much answered all your questions yourself. Documentum is not an online help authoring tool. It can create a help system complete with all the inbuilt navigational links we know and love. Documentum is a CMS with an online web interface. It is not designed for producing online help. It is like comparing chalk with cheese. I think the powers to be need to rethink their question and ask what it is that they want. Only then can they choose the right tool.