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        medeamajic Level 2

        Bill Hunt wrote:



        You implied "no one should do creative work with Premiere Pro"


        I am sorry, but are you making this up, as you go along?


        Christian (who I have never met, but whose views I respect) never even came close to initmating such. That is a major reach. PrPro is a Video Editing program. It is NOT an Image Editng program, like PS, and it is not a Vector-based illustration program, like AI. It does what it is designed to do, very well. When it lags behind, then there are PS, AI and AE. Each program does certain things. There is some overlap, such as animation in PrPro vs AE, or Titles in PrPro's Titler vs either PS or AI.





        "But to add a bit of my own clarity, anyone who ever designed a logo in Premiere instead of Illustrator needs to get pulled over by the creative police and have their creative license revoked, losing all Wacom tablet privleges and maybe even get Rodney King'd  (too soon? over the line?)"


        Can you read Bill? Above is what Christian wrote. He stated if you try using Premiere to design a logo you should be piscked up by the creative police. Eight years ago I only did video editing and I did design logos with Premiere Pro. The PP titling system can do a lot for video projects but I now use Illustrator and Photoshop because I do make use of print media. You want to insist I am trying to use Premiere for add layouts even though I stated I use Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I just want PP CS 6.0 to have better support for some of the other programs.  You don't see me making false accusations about you telling you that you should not use PP for add layouts. Daaaahhhhh :  )

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          medeamajic Level 2

          Bill Hunt wrote:


          Incase some of you folks don't know InDesign is what is used for Magazine layouts. I myself use InDesign and Dreamweaver more than Premiere Pro now days.



          First off, it is "In case," and then all of us know what InDesign is, and at least one of us (me) uses it weekly for doing what it is designed to do - page layout.


          The snarky attitude diminishes your points greatly. We are professionals, who use many Adobe products, and, at least in my case, use them for the job intended.


          I have a beautiful Snap-On roll-away tool box (read Adobe Master Collection here), and it has many Snap-On tools inside (read Adobe programs). However, I also have many Craftsman tools, some MAC tools, and a few SST's from Mercedes and Jaguar. I have all of those to do, what each was designed to do, where I need to do it. It is all about "the right tool for the job."


          My adjustable spanner can be useful for some things, but it is in no way universal. My pliers (maybe 40 different ones) do some things well, but not all. I have perhaps 8 sets of "socket wrenches," including offset and Snap-On "Wobblies." I have over 100 screw/Torx drivers, and they fail to handle even a simple 8-pt. nut. What I am getting at here is that one has a toolbox, with plenty of tools, and some very, very specialized ones. Not one does everything. A graphics designer is not really different, other than the Snap-On roll-away. There, it's computer programs, and suites. None does everything.


          If you have found an NLE, that also does Vector-based graphics for print, then please share the name. That might replace several of my tools, but only if it does everything perfectly.


          Here, Jim and I share the same feeling - a "Swiss Army knife" approach is not the best. I am not sure where Christian falls on that, but it seems that he feels about the same. That is why Adobe does suites - THOSE are the "Swiss Army knives."


          Sorry that you could not see that.




          PS - though I have my degree in Cinematography (after a degree in Civil Engineering), I came to PrPro, and video, from a 40 year career in advertising photography. My clients have been HP, IBM, InMos, AT&T Seagate and many, many more. I shot the IBM ad that introduced the term "PC," for "Personal Computer," so have been in the digital world, well before it was used for eiher Images, or Video.  I also did some of my later ads in PageMaker (the precursor to InDesign), and have won tons of international awards for those ads. Nah, I know what InDesign is, and how to use it.

          My snarky attitude? I never stated you did not know what Indesign is used for. Infact you stated you would not mind if the PP titling system could make use of PSD files so they could be used in Indesing.


          I stated incase some of you don't know Indesign is used for magazine layouts. I know there are several folks who have opted for PP CS 5.5 or the Production Premium as oposed to the Master Collection. In that case they may not know what Indesign is used for. Infact many may not even care. On the other hand if everybody does have the Master Collection and use Indesign then better support of Adobe's graphic design program should be welcomed in PP. 


          Who realy has the snarky attitude dude?


          Having said that why are you so confused by my posts and why do you keep insisting I am trying to use PP for magazine layouts?


          Please keep in mind Bill that you posted you would like to see the PP titling system make use of PSD files so they could be used in InDesign. I did not make a post to you that you should not use PP as a replacement for InDesign. Why would I? I know why you would want PP to support the PSD file to use in Indesign. I know you would not be trying to use PP for magazine layouts. I did not make false accusations about you or try to tell you ten times to use the right tool for the job.


          I would not mind better integration with some of the graphic design programs from Adobe but I never stated I wanted PP to do magazine layouts. As of now stop telling me I need the right tool for the right job when you know I already use the right tool for the job. I stated I use Illustrator and 3D animation programs if the project is going to be used for print and video. Learn to comprehend what I am writing. Once you can do that things should go much smoother between us. The ball is in your court Bill.

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            The ball is not in anyone's court any more.


            I've let this thread continue as long as I have because it's in the lounge, but it has degenerated into an infinite loop of "Did!" "Did Not!" and needs to come to an end.


            If y'all want to speculate about what might be in CS6, someone needs to start another thread.


            Topic locked.  Soon to be deleted.



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