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    Problem with Startupscript CS5




      I try to migrate a CS4 Startupsript to CS5.

      But it throws an error.


      Here's a code snippet:


      #targetengine "session"
      var checked = false;   
      var zaehler = 0;
      var DocNames = new Array();
      function main()
          app.eventListeners.add("afterOpen", afterOpenHandler, false);  
      function afterOpenHandler(myEvent)
          var myDocument = myEvent.parent; 
          alert("There are " + myDocument.links.length + " links.");



      First of all the alert is displayed, including the number of links.

      After that a warning is displayed telling me that the object does not support the attribute or method links.

      (I tried to translate the message  to english as I do not have an english ID)


      Can anyone help?