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    Name on exported clip

    HakanErn Level 1


      I am making a video wordlist for signlanguage. I have several clips (each sign is a clip) and thay are each named after the sign they show.


      Now - when I export these small (but veeeery many) clips to the Media Encoder, I have to "rename" them everytime in the export dialouge, since the default name there is the name of the sequence, rather than the name of the clip. For me, naming exported file after the clip name would have been more locical, so I am sure there is a way of getting this...


      Thanks in advance for finding me a way!




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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          All I can think of is that you make a sequence for each clip and name it accordingly.

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            HakanErn Level 1

            Thanks for your fast reply! I had that thought too, but since there are 1000+ clips, it would be too time consuming. It is, however, a bit strange that the clip is named after the sequence as a default, it must be changed by everybody each time, otherwise there would be several clips named the same...

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Actually, the most common naming will be that of the Sequence, as that is usually a combo of Clips.


              However, I do a bit of what you are, though nowhere near the scale of your Project. I just Select the name in the first Export, Copy it, or what part will be common, then Paste that into the Export File Name, incrementing, as I need. In your case, I am not sure how many characters will be common to the various File Names, so that probably will not save you that much work/typing.


              I have the same issue with Titles, where I am doing them Based on Existing. Titler always defaults to the next increment of "Title XX," even where I have named that "Based On" Title to, say "Liz Text 01," next one is, by default, "Title XX," being the next number in that Project, even if I have changed all to reflect the content. There, it would be easier to program in, using the existing Title's name, and then maybe incrementing that.


              Good luck, and manually naming is about all that I can think of.



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                HakanErn Level 1

                Thanks Bill for your answer! I am happy not to be alone with doing things over and over again...:) I am now at clip 132 out of just 260 this time, so I am halfway through! I keep on manually renaming...!

                I then have to create one ttle for every clip... So I know the Title issue as well. I would so much like to be able to just import a textfile, and then have PP titler to create titles using the textfile and a template... But I guess I have to do this myself manually too...


                Good luck to you too!


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                  chesterr_mizik Level 2



                  Here's a workflow, maybe it helps !


                  Since your clips are already named as per the sign, you can click and drag the clip over the new item button in the project window(Premiere pro CS5)

                  You can also right click on the clip in the project panel and choose new sequence from clip option.(Premiere pro CS5.5)


                  By doing this the sequence that gets created has the name of the clip automatically and then you can easily export the sequences without renaming them.


                  Good Luck,