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    10 Years of upgrades, now I am meh'ed off.


      Can anyone provide a plausible answer as to why it costs the equivalent of USD $314 to upgrade my Photoshop CS3 to CS5 as a download?


      I can go to the adobe.com site, and there is it for USD $199, but when I try to buy it, it will not accept my purchase.

      + there is a discount that makes it $159!


      Hey I want the software cheaper like the next guy, but to make me feel like I'm getting totally ripped off is really rather uncool, to say the least.

      In fact, it's as if Adobe think I'm completely unaware of this, but it's only a /au/ away! (plus a flash site, don't get me started).


      How about normalising the software price, or keeping some kind of parity? At least treat your customers as global citizens for downloads, not hold us in contempt.


      I for one am not going to upgrade based just on principle now, after 10 years of paying for this software upgrade path, this morning was the limit.


      Enough is enough.