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    Online images not showing in Local Site

      My old computer crashed and so I have bought a new computer and downloaded all my websites again from my servers.

      In some of my sites rather than double up on images, I just use a website reference to the online image to kep things simple. With the old computer the images would still show in my local site. But with the new computer this no longer happens.

      The pages still load correctly and the websites still show correctly. I just cant view the online image in the local site. Any help as to how to fix this would be appreciated.

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          Active8 Level 1
          Not saying you havent already, but it sounds like you havent downloaded the image files from your server or created a root folder for the images on your PC.

          Just a thought :p
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            kadana Level 1
            I dont think it is that.
            On the new computer I downloaded the complete sites via FTP and each website is saved in a different folder.

            When I use a weblink for the image file, it will not show in the documents page, but does show when you preview the file, and also when the file is uploaded it is fine.

            I am using Studio 2004 by the way. I thought it might have been teh site relative or document relative selection, but neither of these changes things.