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    Manage an index

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          I have a considerable amount of text with index markers that has now changed. Is there a clean way to force those markers to display with the text change rather than locating them all in the index panel and deleting them? I'm laying out charts and an example is CCMT09T308-HR-YBC251 is now CCMT09T308-HR. It had an index marker applied to the original instance.

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            Try posting this in an actual forum, you might get more responses that way.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              @ Sam,


              No need for the attitude. Comments posted on Community help are now automatically posted to the user forums as well. I don't work with indexes, so I've got nothing to offer. Have you?

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                I wasn't trying to convey any attitude, Peter.  My apologies.   I wasn't aware that this was also posted to a forum and was trying to help get this out where more could see; that is a great addition to the site, by the way.


                As for the indexing problem, I would say use find/change to locate index markers and delete them all that way.  This really wouldn't solve your problem completely but it would eliminate having to delete things from the index panel manually.


                Then, just re-mark all your text.


                I am no expert at indexes, but I know working with the panel can be tedious sometimes so I've set up some keyboard shortcuts for my own use for deleting entries, etc.  It might be worth it to set up some that you can use.  I know Shift + Opt + Cmd + [ is a quick way to add index markers.


                You might be able to use find and change to add the index markers in front of your new text if it's formatted using Character or GREP styles.  I'm not sure exactly hwo you have your document set up, however.

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                  Thanks for the response. I think I went the with changing in the panel, but it's been awhile since I had to do these updates. The keyboard shortcut is good to know.