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    Auto spacing / auto leading

    Ken Krugh Level 1

      Greetings All!


      In days of yore when setting equations in Ventura publisher a display equation would go on a paragraph of its own, or maybe with just an equation number, and VP had a setting in the paragraph spacing that it called "Grow inter-line space to fit" which not only adjusted the space above the paragraph but also BELOW the paragraph clearing nicely / automatically for tall display equations.


      In InDesign I'm able to adjust the anchored object's Y offset to make the baseline of the placed equation align with the base of the paragraph to which its anchored so that when there is an equation number it aligns with the base of the equation.


      I'm using auto leading on those paragraphs in InD but I also need the space below those paragraphs to expand when the equation does.


      Any way to do this in CS3 or CS5?


      Many thanks,


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Hi Ken,


          I marked this to come back to when first posted and kiind of hoped one of the others who sets math might have something to say, but I guess not.


          I'm not quite clear on where the number is in relation to the equation itself, nor on how the equation is anchored, but if it is inline I think you could add text wrap of the Jump-over variety (the fourth button) to push the lines following the equation down. Text wrap on an inline does not affect the lines above. You might need to also deselect Skip By Leading for the text wrap option in the Composition section of your prefs.


          I have to say though, that if the equation is inline, I don't see a problem if it's in it's own paragraph. Can you post some screen shots?

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