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    How to get the color interpretation ( transparency/opacity)

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

      Hi all,


      I am trying to translate colors that may be affected by opacity & transparency into a strong color.

      Input colors may be RGB, CMYK and LAB.


      Right now, I am :

      1) duplicating source color (because Paper/Black can't be tweaked, I need to work on a copy)

      2) Setting duplicated color space to CMYK

      3) creating a dummy color in CMYK

      4) affect CMYK values of the duplicated color by transparency and opacity


      ie : source color is Black [0,0,0,100] at 50% opacity and 50% transparent ( frame effects) => [ 0*0.5*0.5 , 0*0.5*0.5 , 0*0.5*0.5 , 100*0.5*0.5 ] = > [0 , 0, 0, 25 ];


      5) setting dummy color space to source color space

      6) Do my computations based on dummyColor

      6) remove duplicated color

      7) remove dummy color


      The process is working but deltas on teh colors are a serious issue. Not big deltas but enough to corrupt the trust on the color interpretation.


      SO question is : Is there any way to get a correct interpretation of a color affected by opacity/transparency settings ?

      Do you have any link towars an understandable paper about how lab/rgb and CMYK colors are affected by opacity/transparency ?


      Thanks in advance,