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    How can I publish as an exe that will play in Windows 98?


      I work in the art department of a documentary series and I have a Dell Iinspiron 3200 running Windows 98 (with Flashplayer 9) that I need to use to run animations that I made on a seperate machine running CS5. How should I publish them so that they can be played on the laptop? When I bring the files over, they are recognized as flash applications (the icon is right) but trying to play them results in two errors: "(directory) file expects a newer version of windows. Upgrade your Windows version" and "(directory) a device attached to the system is not functioning"

      I have tried publishing as version 9, but the fies still won't run, and examining the properties of them reveals a file version of 10.1.


      How can I get this to work?


      Thanks in advance