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    Document Numbering Action Issues


      Been having nothing but problems with the Document Numbering Action provided by Adobe and unfortunately have a big need for it.


      Currently, whenever I deselect "Include Page #" forces the the Doc# to become "Exhibit/Document NaN" and won't number the documents at all. Just showing Document NaN or Document undefined.

      You can try and manually change it, but it will just over ride you.



      Also, how can I change the text propertoes? I don't want Helvetica 10px Black which is default, and while I can change the background, I would like to be able to at least adjust the text size and color.


      Tried on 3 computers, done a full Acrobat and Action reinstall and all have the same problem.

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          tag11 Level 1

          Well, I've found that if I simply allow the first document to have a page number, it will allow me to remove it for all the subsequent pages without issue. Then I just go back and edit it later.


          Still trying to figure out a way to change the text colour and size however.


          If it helps, I am combing all the files. Is there a way to batch change colours and size of comments?