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    In and out point feature not working


      I am a teacher at a tech school and I teach Premiere Pro CS5.5  I teach my students how to use the in and out points in the source clip monitor and then to select the button to insert or overwrite that section to the time line.  I also teach them how to use the in and out point in the timeline monitor and then to select the button to lift or extract that section from the time line.  For some reason this works for most of the students, but not for all.  I actually had it happen to my project during a demonstration.  Sometimes the action that you wanted on the timeline will not happen.  The playhead may slide over like it worked, but the clip is not there or the extraction never happened.  I check all the other video tracks to try to see if it is on another track, but it is not.  The fact that it works for some students and not others, makes me think that maybe it has to do with the type of video clip they are working with (similar to the mono/stereo/5.1 differences with audio clips).  I have to be missing something.  Help!