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    importing framemaker into robohelp css problem

    jeffc2010 Level 1

      I believe I have set up Robohelp 9 to import framemaker 10 files using a particular css file, however, after import, the robohelp files are using a new style sheet.


      Here's what i did:

      1. In the project settings "Import" tab, I set "CSS for stye mapping" to my robohelp css style sheet (style.css). "Link" option is set to "create a reference"
      2. In the "project manager" i select a folder to use for importing the new content. I right-click and select "import" and browse to the desired framemaker .fm file and click open.
      3. ToC, Index and glossary unchecked and click next
      4. "css for style mapping" is grayed, but shows my desired css file
      5. Under "framemaker content" i click Edit
      6. Using the "framemaker settings" tree, i map the frame styles to my css styles and click finish


      Robohelp imports the file and opens the topic. I click the style sheet icon and see the topic is attached to a new stylesheet framemaker created. The "styles" pod lists the new style sheet styles.


      Anyone understand why the imported topic is not using my desired style sheet? Could this be because i do not have an exact one-to-one match between my css and frame styles?