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    No printing of forms filled out

    dilviel Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm not quite sure if I'm in the right department here, but I have the following problem:


      I need to create a form that can be filled out, saved and then printed. I do know how to create different fields into which people can write texts, I know how to position them, I know how to change fonts and stuff. In that sense, I am able to create the form itself, but my problem is that once it has been filled out completely, it can be saved but not printed. The first field (in my form, it's a text field in which you enter address data) would show on the print, the second field on the same page (here, it's a text field for entering a date) would not show and neither would any of the other 9 text fields.


      I use Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional, Version 8.1.0, with the respective Live Cycle Designer 8.0, Version 8.05.2073.1.374024

      I use it with Windows 7 Professional, SP 1


      I have tried everything I could think of so far, but nothing helped.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Best regards,


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          dohanlon Level 3

          Have you got the correct presence set for each of the fields not printing? You can display fields on screen and not print them. make sure they are set to Visible and not Visible (Screen Only). Otherwise, have you got any subforms defined within your form which may not be printing?