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    Problems with BBC iPlayer Desktop and Adobe Air for Mac


      I would be grateful for anyone who can help me with a problem I have on my Laptop running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3.I am having difficulty running BBC iPlayer Desktop and I suspect it is caused by Adobe Air.


      Recently I was prompted to update Adobe Air to the latest version (as of February 2012) and after I successfully updated the program, this began to cause problems when I used BBC iPlayer desktop.

      The first problem I noticed was that I was unable to play any downloaded programmes in full screen - only the sound played, not the video.

      Secondly, a few weeks after this problem began, all my TV programmes mysteriously disappeared.

      My final problem is that everytime I launch BBC iPlayer it is unable to download new programmes - when I am connected to the internet, the application still says it is "offline".


      I have tried to resolve the problem by restarting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling BBC iPlayer, disabling and re-enabling my firewall, connecting to the internet in different locations but this has not resolved the problem.


      I tried to uninstall Adobe Air, but the installation package tells me it is 'corrupt'. So I tried to download and reinstall the application from the adobe website, but the computer already recognises that the app is installed. i.e. - I can't uninstall or reinstall Adobe Air.


      I contacted BBC iPlayer support and they were unable to help - directing me to your website. I have read several other discussion topics posted on this website but not found the solution I am looking for.


      Please can some help me to solve this problem, by helping me uninstall and reinstall Adobe Air for Mac?

      I am not very technical minded - for example - I don't know what log files are or how to find them - so please explain it as simply as possible.


      Thank you in advance for your help!