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    Hotspots not exporting to interactive PDF


      Am using Fireworks CS5 and have created a interactive image map, whereby hotspots link out to url's.


      I have exported it to html, which works fine.  However, I also need to export it as an interactive pdf. I can't not do this.

      When exported to pdf, all the links are lost.


      I created another test file using buttons instead of hotspots, when exported to pdf the interactions remain, but using hotspots they are lost.


      Can someone assit?





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          I was looking for an answer to this issue too and someone mentioned in this thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/787195 that the Polygon Hotspot tool does not work for Interactive PDFs when exporting, so make sure that your hotspots are set to Rectangle on the bottom properties palette if they are rectangle. If they are for a polygon shape, then I guess you should export to HTML&Images instead of PDF to preserve the polygon hotspot.


          It's probably irrelevant to you now (sorry), but hopefully this helps anyone else looking for a similar solution.