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    Newbie question about your future development plans


      I am new to Catalyst and would love to develop in it. I just discovered it and think it's a perfect fit, EXCEPT for the fact that Adobe has halted development on it. This means that support will soon fade and go away. Will this forum cease to exist? Chris Griffin said he would monitor it "for awhile".


      So my questions to other developers are: 

      1) what tools will you use for design and development for now?

      2) when will you migrate to something else?

      3) what tools will you migrate to?


      Your responses will help me in deciding how to approach my project. So thanks in advance.

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          Mike Wach

          While developing Flash Catalyst, Adobe also had to invest a lot of resources into thier already existing design products- Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Fireworks. All of these programs now support FXG to varying degrees. Knowing when to reach for these tools may require some trial and error experience, but even when Flash Catalyst was still in development, the other design programs were always more useful for exporting assets directly to Flex. I still follow the same heavily design-oriented workflow as I always have, and haven't noticed any significant losses since Flash Catalyst was discontinued (or the "design" mode in Flash Builder for that matter). These design tools have always been closely integrated, long before Adobe owned most of them. Therefor the workflows for bringing designs into Flash Professional are even more solid. If you're looking for answer like "I'm moving to HTML5", I'm confident you won't get one that doesn't involve the classic slicing up of designs into images and editing the code manually.