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    Adobe Media Encoder Fail - need help please


      I keep getting a failed error when trying to use Adobe Media Encoder. 


      I open up my premiere project and select the comp I want.  I switch the format to Quicktime, select h.264 from preset.  Hit the start button and I get the failed sound/icon.


      2 questions:

      1. My comp is 1920x1080 but when I go in it automatically has it as 720... why is it not recognizing the comp size?

      2. Is there a way to fix this error?  It seems to export occassionally to my C drive (which is not raid) but it fails to my F drive (Raid 10).  But usually if I export as a wmv or something smaller it exports fine to F.

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          The export dimensions do not default to 1920x1080 because AME CS5.5 and prior versions do not have h.264 presets for QuickTime for the program ot default to, and the individual settings for that format do not have a "Same as Source" option. If you will be using a particular set of settings regularly, I recommend saving a custom preset. To do so, click the Save Preset button to the right of the Preset pulldown in the Export Settings dialog.

          As for the failure to encode, we'll need to learn more about the particulars. Does the error log [File>Show Errors] have any useful information?

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            nofxspam02 Level 1

            Sorry it took so long to get back to you I had to go out of town.  Error message doesn't say anything to me... maybe to you.  I'm not really sure what to set for "Field Type" so I just leave it at Lower.  Not sure if I should set it to higher or progressive instead.


            - Source File: F:\master_project\Fetterman\Premiere\Fetterman_Actos.prproj

            - Output File: F:\master_project\Fetterman\Premiere\Fetterman-Actos.mov

            - Preset Used: Custom

            - Video: 1920x1080, 29.97 fps, Lower, Quality 100

            - Audio: 48000 Hz, Stereo, 16 bit

            - Bitrate: H.264

            - Encoding Time: 00:00:00

            03/15/2012 04:05:21 PM : Encoding Failed

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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              You're right. Not much useful information there. Our best bet is probably to try troubleshooting this over the phone. I'm sending you a private message...

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                stevenv29797256 Level 1

                excuse me but im having this problem too i was just encoding my last video and it randomly stopped.. after i tried doing it again it randomly keept failing.. i dont have the file saved so i need it coded please help!

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                  pleas help us all


                  i got the same problem with CC (newsversion)

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                    Having the same problem, I'm actually running latest CC version on windows 10. Oddly I have a laptop that doesn't fail to encode FullHD .mov h.264 files. So I always have to copy my files and encode them on my laptop. Any solutions so far?

                    Things I've tried but all unsuccessful:

                    - Reinstalled CC softwares

                    - Changed scratch drives to a secondary SSD drive

                    - Allocated more and less ram memory

                    - Cleaned SSD drives to have more space


                    Running on a Dell desktop Xeon 3ghz, 48gb ram, 2xSSD 256gb, 2gb nvidia quadro k4200

                    My laptop that is able to encode normally with same specs is a i7, 16gb ram, 512gb SSD, 2gb video card.


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                      i, too, have been having trouble rendering a video. it is only 1 minute. (i have since the summer been unable to render longer videos--i usually don't do videos over 6 minutes. but i found that i could do very short videos.)


                      i've gotten the following messages many times:


                      - encoding failed. operation interrupted by user (this is NOT true!)

                      - Export Error

                      Error compiling movie.


                      Accelerated Renderer Error


                      Unable to produce frame.


                      i have a LOT to do and i need to get these videos rendered. i'm not a real technical person, but i used to render videos successfully.


                      please help.

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                        Dave Pounds Level 1

                        When I get render errors, I go in to the program folders and manually delete all media cache files and previews. It has worked every time for me. You can try going in from >edit>preferences>media>clean, But I found that a manual clean usually works best.

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                          terencec53414113 Level 1

                          I solved my "Encoding Failed" which stops me from compiling a 3GB clip right after I push the play button.


                          The error detail was

                          "Export Error

                          Error compiling movie. Import Error
                          Importer returned bad result. Writing with exporter: H.264"


                          My solution:


                          Turns out that Encoder's cache file pointed at my boot drive where don't have enough space.


                          So I went to Edit > Preference > Media and changed the two cache files to another drive which has much larger spaces.


                          After restarting the compile works like magic.


                          Hope this helps

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                            Unfortunately I'm having a similiar problem this is the error I keep receiving -


                            If anyone knows how to resolve this issue please help.