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    accessible footnotes, InDesign CS5.5 to Acrobat X Pro




      I'm working on a long book in ID CS5.5. It's two columns and has about 100 footnotes. I need to make it accessible.


      When I export to PDF, Acrobat does pick up the footnote reference and locates it correctly in the tag tree (it lists the footnote ref number right after the word the reference is placed after).

      However, the footnote text is located at the bottom of the page structure, with "note" as its tag.


      Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the footnote text come directly after the reference? So, the order would go: paragraph -> footnote ref -> footnote text ("note") -> paragraph, and so on.


      So I guess my questions are:

      1. is it correct or incorrect to have footnote text grouped together on the tag tree at the bottom of each page?

      1a. if not, how can I restructure the tag tree without moving the text and reference numbers together manually?


      I've also got a bunch of other questions related to tagging and export (how do I get headers and footers to export as background/articles? how do i get listed headings to export as headings instead of lists? how can i use the articles window effectively in a document with many tables and figures?) which i might be posting soon!