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    New machine, missing Premiere Pro 2 files, upgrade price, install issues


      I HAD Premiere Pro 2 installed, but my PC experienced a motherboard failure, which also took out the hard drive. This happened over about 2 years ago. I have never been able to get a reinstall to work.... and yes, I have requested help from @Adobe_Care before. My serial number is still active. RIGHT NOW, I have Premiere 6 installed....simply because I was smart enough to get a CD-ROM instead of downloading (as I did with Premiere Pro 2). Now, I'm buying a new Windows 7 machine and would like to buy Premiere CS5.5 but I'm not certain if I get the upgrade discount price (and what that price would be)...and whether or not I'm going to have issues installing "upgrade" software on a new machine. I love Premiere Pro 2, but the issues I've had with the inability to get support is really frustrating me.