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    Dropdown to populate a list in a textfield


      I need for a to be able to select from a dropdown list and specified item values appear in textfield.


      For example if I select Amy

      If I select Bob

      If  I select Jane




      Jane (I would like the list to appear as shown)


      I have associated a value to each item in the drop down list so that the selection is easy to compare in order to determine which initial (default) value to set in the text field. In my drop down list's Change event, I have the following:


      var sNewSel = this.boundItem(xfa.event.newText);


      switch (sNewSel)


        case "1": //  Amy

           TextField1.rawValue = "Amy \n";



      switch (sNewSel)


        case "2": //  Bob

           TextField1.rawValue = "Bob \n";



      Of course this is not working only name is showing at a time. Please help!