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    Publish Webhelp to FTP through Firezilla




      I'm new to Robohelp so pls excuse the "simplicity" of my question.

      I would like to publish my Webhelp project to a FTP server so as to be able to add links into the flash animation I've added to a Robohelp topic.


      So I've downloaded this Firezilla Client FTP but I can;t figure out what I'm supposed to do next.


      What are the exact steps to publish a Robhelp project to a FTP server?


      I've generated my project as Webhelp, selected Publish and added the server no. from the FTP and nothing happened. I would be happy to have on the FTP server just the 2 topics which I've added  to the Flash animation so Robohelp would be able to retrieve the links from the animation when accessed from a another location.


      Thanks a lot,

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          You may need to approach a forum dedicated to supporting FileZilla. We can only offer very general guidance here. For me, I open FileZilla and I have to establish an FTP  connection to the site using specific credentials. Once I do that, I'm able to store the details of the connection so it becomes a simple matter to connect in the future (assuming nothing changes about it since the last time I've connected).


          Once you have established your connection, you should get what looks sort of like a Microsoft Windows File Explorer window on the bottom. One side will present the content on the server and the other side will present the content on your local C drive. (your project *IS* on the local C drive, no? if not, it needs to be)


          Then it becomes a simple matter of selecting the files on your C drive and copying them to the server. Usually by selecting them, then clicking and dragging them from one window to the other.


          If you can get the FTP details correct, you may find it simpler to configure RoboHelp to do the publishing for you. If it works for you, once you finish generating your output, a Publish button becomes available that allows you to just click and the copy process begins.


          Cheers... Rick


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