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    puppet pins distort

    MARKARKARK Level 1

      Hello, I am trying puppet pins.  I have been able to make the pins work, however sometimes the pins distort and will move to other areas for no reason. 

      I made a shape in after effects and a photo.  I made a null object and parented the photo to the null.  I made my puppet pins and parented the pin to the null object.  But the end result is the shape distorted very long and not in line with the null object.  The null object is connected but the photo that is connected to the null and the puppet pin on the shape are not connected.  What am I doing wrong?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What am I doing wrong?


          You are connecting an effect that operates on intra-layer coordinates directly to another layer using comp coordinates and on top of it are trying to use that same layer to drive the puppet layer's position. Or in short: You are making a mess of the coordinates logic. This can't work. You would have to use expressions to compensate or separate tzhe differenrt transformations by nesting the puppet layer in a pre-comp.