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    Noobilicious question...


      Ok, I've been beating on Flex 4 for a day and a half now (O'Reilly book on its way) and have a desktop AIR application that is based off of WindowedApplication.


      I set the main application window to be fullscreen (by placing it at 0, 0 and setting it the screen's dimensions), chromeless, and I set the background color to black via ::setStyle().  All is well...


      I create 3 spark windows, also chromeless, of varying sizes and positions on the screen.  I also set their background colors to red, green, and blue respectively, unfortunately they all end up being black like the application window.


      If I don't set the 3 spark windows background color, they are white.


      For some reason, likely due to stupidity or a misunderstanding of the basic relationships between windows in Flex/Flash, I cannot set individual window background colors (at least not in the fashion I am trying to do.)


      These 3 windows are all created via ActionScript like below:


      protected function CreateWindow( in_nWidth : uint, in_nHeight : uint, in_nX : uint, in_nY : uint, in_strBackgroundColor : String ) : Window


                  var l_oWindow : Window = new Window();

                  l_oWindow.systemChrome = NativeWindowSystemChrome.NONE;

                  l_oWindow.showStatusBar = false;

                  l_oWindow.width = in_nWidth;

                  l_oWindow.height = in_nHeight;

                  l_oWindow.setStyle( "backgroundColor", in_strBackgroundColor );

                  l_oWindow.open( false );

                  l_oWindow.move( in_nX, in_nY );


                  return l_oWindow;



      Is this the wrong way to be setting an individual window's background color?  Is it not possible to set individual window background colors? (That seems incredibly unlikely)