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    Tables: copying text only from one to another.


      I am working on InDesign 5.5 on a Mac. I have been trying to copy and paste text from a block of several cells in one table to a similar block of cells in another table (in the same document).The problem is, for instance, that if the first table has 3pt black borders and the second has 1pt blue borders, cutting and pasting text from the first to the second will overwrite the 1pt blue borders, with the thicker black ones. Note there is no actual table style set (on either table), and I'd rather not have to use them. The tables in question were set up last year, and I don't want to tinker with them too much. All I want to copy is the text, and not have the table borders change.


      Is there something simple I've overlooked?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try this:


          Duplicate the block of cells you want to copy (so you won't lose its formatting). Select the duplicate rows so they are all highlighted. Choose Table > Convert Table to Text. It will by default create tab-delimited text. Then select this text and copy to the clipboard.


          Select the second table (the one you want to paste into) so it's highlighted. Choose Edit > Paste Without Formatting. It should add the content without changing the table styling.