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    Adobe AIR ExternalInterface? (flex-iframe related)


      One of my primary goals since I decided I wanted to use Adobe AIR to port a kiosk application was to find a way to embed a Java Applet (a 3D rendering product we have) into the flex application.


      My limited research on this topic led me to understand that this is perhaps possible using flex-iframe (I need my flex code to be able to manage the window.)


      Flex-iframe seems to be maintained by people who aren't concerned about whether it works with AIR or not (which is understandable) and when trying to use the component (version 1.5.1) in my AIR application, I would get an error from flex-iframe that ExternalInterface wasn't supported by the browser...


      So, I start googling away and I get a lot of conflicting information about whether or not ExternalInterface works in AIR.  Lots of people saying it doesn't work in AIR, official Adobe docs stating that it does, and has since AIR 1.0, so I'm a bit confused.


      Anyone out there ever used flex-iframe with Adobe AIR?


      Is there a switch, option, property somewhere I need to set?  If this were a flex applicaiton and not AIR, I'd be looking at script access in my HTML, is there something equivalent in AIR specific mxml?