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    Include when exporting

      Frames > Properties > Include when exporting

      I see variations of this, the frames will look ready to be included to export, or not, but the Properties box indicates the opposite. - Or I check, or uncheck, the box and a different frame will change.

      This is getting on my nerves so I am wondering why there aren't complaints about it here. - How can I be the only one?

      Please let me know if I am not explaining this well.


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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          Not sure what you mean by '...the box and a different frame will change'.

          If 'Include when Exporting' is ticked (which is the default), then when you File > > Export > Frames to Files only those frames that have this option selected is exported.
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            GrnSpdr Level 1
            I (think) I know how it is supposed to work. - But picture this: The list of frames will have frame1 selected to include (there is a number in the box on the right) but frame2, frame3 & frame4 won't, they have a red X in the box instead of a number. Then I open the Properties box to also include frame3 to export but although there is a red X in the right column of frame3 the Include when Exporting box is already checked. - Or the opposite will happen.

            If I have to explain this it porbably isn't happening to many people.

            (WinXP & CS3)