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    Build project for debug has RSL error


      Some weeks ago, I created a new Flex project in Flash Builder 4.5, added some classes, and it worked fine.

      Today I open the project again and try to run as debug inside Flash Builder.

      When the initial screen shows up, an error message is displayed:


      RSL Error 3 of 5

      Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: file:///D:/dev/projects/TestFlash/bin-debug/mx_4.5.1.21328.swf


      I found that the problem is due to 2 files missing in the debug deployment folder:




      If I manually copy these 2 files to the deployment folder, it runs fine.

      If I clean the project and rebuild the debug mode, these 2 files are not generated.


      Interestingly, exporting the project in release mode works, the files mx_4.5.1.21328.swz and sparkskins_4.5.1.21328.swz are generated.


      Anyone knows what's the problem?