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    Returning eBooks early to library


      Experiencing similar probs as others. I see the triangle, but there is no option to return to library. Only Open Item, Delete Item and Item Info. Item Info does not have a return to library option as described on Help. I used to have this option to return to library early, and am very familiar with this functionality, but it is no longer available. Any solutions? thanks

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          The Library ebook should have an indicator of how long the ebook loan

          period is - or how much time is left before the loan period expires.  My

          library puts a banner across the avatar of the ebook.  If it does not, then

          the way the library set up the loan does not let you return the ebook

          early.  The library will expire the loan period automagically instead.


          You can contact your library's technical support function and discuss this

          with them.  I know many libraries don't use that feature in their software

          (usually Overdrive) because it requires more effort on their part - or the

          tech support guys don't know about it.



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            thx for your reply. it does have the banner with number of days left.  I used to have the option to return to the library, and have used this successfully for years.  But that choice is missing now for some reason. The return item choice is no longer listed with the other options. I have contacted library IT as my work around to return the book early, but I just want back the functionality/option I had in the past to return to library, but sadly it is no longer there. kind of makes me think like I'm missing an upgrade or something.

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              I'm not sure you're missing an upgrade.  ADE just displays the data that

              comes in the header from the library, so methinks it's an Overdrive issue.

              There have been some problems lately with updates to Overdrive: maybe this

              feature is involved in one of those problems.